Why to choose a Sheath Dress?

If you want to look breathtaking on your wedding day, a sheath dress is the one for you.

This figure hugging style with its unique features, with the specialist stretch fabrics that are specially designed to hug your curves and enhance your body figure without restrictions.

That’s why it is a popular choice by celebrities, having a special inspiring look on the catwalk trends.

If you are a confident glamorous bride, Sheath dress is your perfect choice. Being body fitting from bodice, over your hips down to your hem.

What is this style?

It’s a tight-fitting style, so it usually offers slits so that you are able to move freely.

This style perfectly emphasizes your curves, especially if you’re gifted by beautiful curves or hourglass body shape. This effect is due to its slim waistline, the wide hips and larger bust areas.

Despite being a super elegant timeless style, sheath dress comes in a wide variety of cuts and lengths. Even the neckline can be of any shape, v- neck, halter or any other type. Usually, sheath style is sleeveless, but still can be featured by any kind of sleeves: long, short, half sleeves or cap sleeve. The styles and choices are endless for this unique design and can be easily customized.

sheath dress
sheath dress
sheath dress

Sheath Dress Vs Shift Dress?

Despite the similar-sounding names of these two styles, they’re very different. These are some of the most striking variations:

  • Shape: as we mentioned, sheath dress is form-fitting. While the shift dress is supposed to be straightly flowing down along your body as a vertical line. The slight differences in measurements of busts, midsection, hips and hem make this difference in shape between these two styles.
  • Effect: Sheath dress is made to enhance the natural hourglass figure you have, as it is tight and form-fitting. In contrast, Shape style is almost shapeless that can conceal your body shape being straight and boxy.
  • The Material: As sheath dress is curve-hugging style, it is usually made from materials that are a little stretchy. While the shift dress is not supposed to hug your figure, it should drape away from your curves. So, it’s usually made from lightweight materials that don’t have much stretch and allow your skin to breathe.
  • Slits: Since sheath dress is form-fitting, it’s usually featuring a slit to give you a wider range of motion. On the other hand, shift dresses don’t need to have slits. Being loose and flowy, it already provides a reasonable range of motion without need to enhance.

Tips for Styling a Sheath Dress

Such a versatile dress type can be styled and modified in many various ways. Here are some of designer’s tips to help you get the best look:

  • This elegant style can pair with almost any piece of outerwear to give a different look. If you want a fun, smart daytime look, or semi- formal casual look, add a swing jacket or cardigan to the dress. Choose a light-colored piece for the best look. Also, you can throw on a top over a dress to make it appear like a chic pencil skirt. This minimal touch turns it magically to a business formal dress code.
  • By choosing sheath style, you choose to emphasize your body figure. So, feel free to add a piece that attracts attention to your slim waist like an extra cinching.

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