Fashion Design

Sahar Al Aufi: Leading The Way In Haute Couture

Over two decades, Sahar Al Aufi has been making Haute Couture designs for the most demanding clients across the world. Her expertise has created sophisticated designs blending the East and the West, and her enthusiasm and hands-on approach are as inspiring as her bridal wear. A fusion between Italian and Arabic designs, her dazzlingly opulent gowns are one of a kind.

Launching her business Reflection in 1998, Sahar went on to create the brands Sahar Al Aufi and Melis. And recently in partnership with Clothing from Italy, she also created Weddings from Italy, a wholesale platform for wedding salons and formal wear men’s clothing.

Below, a conversation with Sahar, an Omani fashion designer, who walks us through her early beginnings and how she grew her fashion enterprise to the well-known label it is today.

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