Fashion Design


Ramadan in many ways personifies joy, purity, serenity, and love. Sahar Al Aufi, an Omani designer who is the proud owner of her own brand, Meli’s, brought these intangible ideas to life through her latest collection, which targets the courageously fashionable women of Oman. As a kid Sahar would spend hours in front of the television observing and learning about fashion trends from across the world. She then went on to study in Italy, and her wide, global perspective is clearly reflected in her designs — classy, refreshing amalgamations of the Middle East and the West. When I heard that Sahar was focusing on abayas and kaftans for the Holy Month, I didn’t expect to see that same global influence. I was under the impression that abayas were simple, unicoloured, robe-like dresses, offering little scope for experimentation. Going through Sahar’s collection made me realise how wrong I was. Fun pops of colours, bold prints, and flowy patterns exuberating poise and fashion went way beyond my imagination. Sahar primarily makes her intricately crafted masterpieces with silk and other fabrics imported from Italy. This innovative designer is bold in her experiments with traditional kaftans and abayas, innovating and inventing new styles and setting trends. Her designs, which are displayed in her boutique, Reflection, do not just speak volumes about this creative, international-minded woman, but also about the playful, bold women she caters to.

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