Mermaid style dress

One of the benefits of mermaid style dress is that it can accentuate the curves of your body, so it focuses on your feminine figure and gives you very elegant look.

Mermaid dresses are designed as if it hugs your body in a soft intimate way. It hugs your hips then splay out at the thighs. This special design shows the sensual curvy woman of you.

Almost always, this design is completed by a fish tail, as it is long and flares out. That’s why it is called mermaid or fishtail dress.

As this style is elegant and timeless, it could be your ideal choice if you are going to formal evening event, prom or even a wedding.

Mermaid style dress

Why the name Mermaid style dress?

This special style gets its name from being characteristically flared out at the bottom, just like the mermaid fin. The mermaid dress is designed to accentuate the natural gifts and curves that you have, hugging your chest, showing your slim waist and full hips. The flared-out bottom shows your hourglass body perfectly and elegantly.

Despite being a special design, mermaid dress can be made of any fabric specially if it is a thin fabric like satin, silk or taffeta. The thin fabric is essential to show the soft, flowing ruffle that extends starting from your knee till the floor.

If it is made from a fabric that is thick, you will miss the natural soft look of the fishtail section, which will be naturally stiffer and less flexible with your movement. But in any case, be sure that this dress will gives you a glamorous, dramatic look.

Mermaid style dress

Special unique design

Usually, the mermaid dress is strapless, hugging the upper part of your body. But there are a lot of designed that are complemented with long or short sleeves. Also, some dresses can be paired or some with a short jacket, that is tight-fitting to match the dress. This jacket- better known as a shrug- is long- sleeved and made of lace. Sometimes it is featured with short, puffed-out sleeves that add more dimension and texture to the design.

Mermaid style can also be made with any neckline style without being odd or out of fashion. It suits the square, V-neck, halter and even sweetheart necklines. However, the sweetheart neckline is usually the most common type used for these styles. The sweetheart neckline has a slight dip in the middle, that make it resemble the heart, hence it was named the sweetheart neckline.

Mermaid style is still one of the most common and favorable choices among elegant women. It is a number-one choice for special events, such as weddings, special parties and red carpets. This wide vogue is because it never loses its elegant appeal, and the perfect touch it adds to the woman wearing this style.

Mermaid style dress

Reasons to choose a Mermaid style dress

Loving to be elegant, classy and wearing a timeless style are just some few reasons that encourage you to choose this style. Here are some of the special benefits you can find in this design:

  •  Mermaid design accentuate your natural curves.
  • It is Suitable for many body types
  • It is modern and very stylish

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