Haute Couture

Melis by Sahar Al-Aufi

Sumptuous fabrics marvelously overlap with intricately embellished embroideries into fantastical dreamscapes that embrace the body in figure-defining forms.

The last instance of suspended calm before the stars begin to flicker awake. Like the vibrant movement of dusk, the Sahar Al Aufi Haute Couture awakens an enchanted moment of possibility where fantasies and mystery can manifest

She goes beyond the limits of rules and traditions and offers a colorful, fabulous design. Intense colors and unusual accords infuse the atmosphere with an exuberant style, strong in contrasts and unexpected proportions, imposing on fabrics and laces… the elegant, classy woman invites herself into this singular interior and discovers the land of wonders. The embroidery patterns in the collection are inspired by innovation of the new modern life where it empowers the woman while maintaining the touch of elegance and delicacy. Silk whispers in caddy, tulle, chiffon, taffeta, satin, or jersey.