Designing your Look

Work with renowned designer Sahar Al-Aufi to begin dreaming and designing your custom-made look. Al-Aufi will help bring your vision to life.

Selecting your Fabric

With thousands of high-quality European and in-house curated fabrics, you are sure to find the perfect cloth for your very own design. If not, no worries — we’ll create it for you!

Taking Measurements

Once you have selected your fabric, we will take the necessary measurements to craft your look. These measurements will allow us to make the garment(s) as close to your size as possible.


After selecting your fabric and taking measurements, the cutter will draft the garment’s shape using a specially designed calculation system. We will then begin cutting the cloth used for your garment.


Once we cut the fabric, we begin to assemble the pieces to bring your garment to life.


Upon completing the assembly portion of the process, we will then have our expert tailors finish the garment. They will ensure the garment is fitted perfectly for you. As a general rule of thumb, it takes three fittings to achieve the proper fit. However, our top-of-the-line technologies help us alter your garment in one to two fittings.

Creating your fabric

Don’t see the fabric you want? No problem! Al-Aufi offers the option to create your very own textile.


Lastly, we will have you try on the garment in your final fitting and have you decide if you are happy with the final results. If so, you may take the garment home. Otherwise, we will continue to tailor the garment until you’re satisfied with the fit.


Our custom made gowns are uniquely made for each individual bride.


Book an online or in-person appointment with your trusted Fashion Advisor.


Developing a 3D prototype out of a 2D digital pattern.