Column style dress

Yes or No to Column style dress?

Being a future wife, you should know that you will say “yes” to many things, not only the proposal. You will discover that there are many decisions to be made to ensure that the wedding is perfectly as you dreamed. Every small aspect, every detail will need your attention. One of the most important things or even on the top is that you need to say “yes” to is the wedding dress, right after choosing your wedding partner of course.

column style dress

Each bride enjoys being in the center of focus and attention on her wedding day. It’s your own day, the day you dreamed of for your entire life. And everyone in the wedding will be watching you. So, such a precious occasion deserves to spend time to choose the best wedding dress you can find.

It’s good that there are a lot of choices for wedding gowns, ball gowns, A-line dresses, column dresses and too many designs. But this makes it more difficult to know which one is the best one or the right one for you.

That’s why we are here! Just to help you get over your confusion and choose the right choice.

Is it the column style wedding dress?

A column wedding gown is a unique design that is very elegant. It is somehow similar to sheath style or silhouette, but with few but important variances.

A column dress is tight or slack at the waist, this is in contrast to the sheath design that may be slightly wider.

Furthermore, column style has a skirt opening that is narrower and more structured than sheath skirt.

Even with these slight distinctions, either column dress or sheath style is considered a lovely option for an elegant exquisite bride.

column style dress

Another difference?

Unlike sheaths, column dress is usually made from fabrics that can maintain their structured shape. Some of the most popular fabrics are taffeta, thick lace or beaded satin.

Column style dress is for whom?

Column design, like sheath gowns, flatter all body shapes and suit it perfectly. But you can say it is more than perfect for the petite body or the hourglass body.

It’s a classic, simple and timeless design that easily gives you a chic look that lasts forever. Each time you see your wedding photos you will notice how much this design perfectly flatters your body.

Column wedding dress is tight. Fitting closely to the contour of your body. With a straight skirt without a waist, and loosely skims over your figure, it accentuates your natural beauty.

That’s why it is the dress of choice for the bride who wants to show off her pretty shape.

Despite being simple, it has an irresistible impact. So, be sure that whether you choose the column dress or a sheath style, choosing to be practical or tied in with a minimalist theme, it will be a modern elegant and stylish look on your special day.

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