Ball Gown Style Dress

Many brides are looking for a fairy princess look on their big day, and in this case, the ball gown style dress is the best option. You can choose either with fixed or unfixed skirts that gives the bride elegant different look in her special day. High-volume skirts and jaw-dropping trains will dominate the wedding scene but unexpected details could make the bride feel extraordinary like inspired embroidery or 3D floral fabric customized for you.

These elements add a unique and trendy touch to the traditional timeless ball gown silhouettes. For our modern brides, try one of our ballgown.


Wearing the most perfect ball gown, be ready to shine!

Generally speaking, bridal gowns have been the symbols of nobility, elegance, and authenticity for hundreds of years.

 Women wore the ball gown style on different and special occasions. This dress consists of a long skirt reaching the floor, usually with a low neckline.

Nowadays, women usually wear ball gown on special days as their wedding ceremony. Although the ball gown style doesn’t suit every wedding theme.

The wedding day is the most important day of life for any couple. However, you should know that the ball gown style may not be the best style for your wedding. This style requires a wedding that is larger and luxurious than normal. As the ball gown has a long large skirt, it is not the best choice for summer weddings, nor beach weddings.

If you have already made your decision and planned a summer wedding and want to wear this style, you can choose a dress with lighter material.

Winter or fall weddings are the best to wear this special style.

Adding sleeves to the ball gown is a good way to enjoy the warmth and elegance at the same time.

While adding long tail to the ball gown dress make it more suitable for a formal, black-tie wedding ceremony. This touch will add perfection to your look on your very special day.


Whether you are going to a formal occasion of black-tie kind, or an intimate wedding ceremony, you are expected to choose carefully your dress.

This type of dresses is suited well for mid-height or tall women, not for petite ones. Since the skirt of this dress is horizontally wide, it can make you look shorter if you are one of the petite or short women.


One of good thing of these gown styles is the presence of various skirts types. This make it easier to find what suits your taste, as every woman has her own idea about her body and what is good for it.

  • Layered skirt: This first type is a layered skirt. You may choose a dress with many layers of chiffon or tulle. Or you may ask your tailor to add these layers to the dress you chose to appeal to your taste. The layered skirt has a touch of magic world, it makes you as a fairytale princess.
  • Cascading skirt: Cascade skirts are very special and beautiful. Fine touch can create smooth flowing lines on the skirt. This makes your dress look impressive and elegant on your day. In these days, people like to combine different fabrics, so do not be close to the change.
  • Abstract and asymmetrical cuts: These types of skirts are very trendy and modern. You cannot find this style in the past as the styles were more classic. however, today’s world opens the door for new and courageous attempts of the courage designers to show their full potentials. Once, one brilliant stylist imagined old ways of doing things that was very challenging for him, and now, we have these types of cuts for skirts. In these designs, you can see combined frills both horizontally and vertically. There is no one way for this style.
  • You can image your dress and discuss it with the designer. Trust us, the result will be unforgettable!

Do not forget there is more to discover! Also, fashion is an experimental experience, so you can push your limits and create your own way to dress up!

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